Welcome to my site! My name is Joy Westerman and I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and editor with a focus on psychology, health, and sexuality. I’m also a project manager with a background in psychology and psychiatry research design. On the side, I teach sewing lessons and host craft workshops.


From 2015-2018 I worked as the Sex Science Manager for the sex education brand Dr. Zhana, where I distilled findings from contemporary sex research into digestible copy for a mainstream audience. From 2019-2021, I served in a research science capacity in the Psychiatry department at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Currently, I work at the medical network Doximity as a Clinical Content Editor, and am a member of the inaugural cohort of the Brooklyn Poets Mentorship Program.

Services available include:

  • Projects: Design; implementation; event production; training development

  • Writing: Editing; copywriting; ghostwriting; newsletter management

  • Sewing: Beginner lessons; art commissions

Get in touch with me at joy.westerman@gmail.com to work together, talk psych, or purchase something from my shop.

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